Baltic States

Baltic States
The Essential
The Baltic States - from north to south, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - are still little known, and yet... In just one visit to these three small nations, bordered by the fascinating Baltic Sea, you will be spellbound by their diversity.
Their capitals alone are worth the effort: Tallinn is medieval, Rīga a gem of Art nouveau while Vilnius is home to the largest Baroque town in Europe. Don't be misled however by their traditional architecture, these youthful, modern cities are vibrant and lively.
However, come summertime, the locals and tourists migrate to the stunning coast, in search of the secluded creeks of the island of Saaremaa, long sandy beaches of Courland, or of unspoiled, almost desolate Cape Kolka. For a seaside resort atmosphere, head to Pärnu, Palanga, or Jūrmala.
The picturesque inland villages are set in an unspoiled landscape that is best explored on foot, by bicycle or by boat. The endless forests of Lahemaa Park, the marshlands of the incredible Niémen delta, or the deep narrow valleys of Gauja park, all dotted with castles and elegant manors, will acquaint you with a destination that is definitely worth exploring.