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Lithuania, the largest of the Baltic States, is a little-known treasure. Lovers of wide open spaces will linger along its fantastic coast, while history buffs will be enchanted by its towns.
The capital Vilnius cannot fail but appeal with its maze of medieval cobbled lanes, countless churches of different religions and styles and its adorable pink-, pistachio- and coffee-coloured houses. In the west, lively Kaunas boasts a colourful historic centre rich in museums that is just the right size to explore on foot. The delightful small town of Trakai, surrounded by lakes, is also proud of its fortified castle.
The inland landscape is depicted by rolling hills, pine forests and tranquil lakes. Explore Aukštaitija Park, an authentic ethnographic reserve whose hamlets are depicted by wooden churches and houses.
As you get closer to the coast, venture into the fascinating marshlands of the Niémen delta. Opposite, the endless dunes and sandy beaches of Courland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are bound to appeal.
However, Lithuania is not going to remain a secret for much longer, so don't wait too long!

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Michelin's recommendations for Lituanie

Ausros Vartu Street Ausros Vartu Street
Ausros Vartu Street
Church of St Anne Church of St Anne
Church of St Anne
Courland Isthmus Courland Isthmus
Courland Isthmus
Gruto Parkas Gruto Parkas
Gruto Parkas
Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul
Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul
Gate of Dawn Gate of Dawn
Gate of Dawn

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