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When to go: 

Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The weather is very fine from April onwards and the countryside is in full bloom. May, June and early September are the best times to come to Malta. In summer, the temperatures frequently rise to 30-35°C/85-95°F and the heat is further exacerbated by the sirocco wind, while the sandy beaches cooled down by the sea breezes are crammed with holidaymakers. If you want to enjoy a peaceful dip in the Blue Lagoon, you’ll have to get up very early in the day. Summertime is also the festas season, local parish celebrations with joyful fanfares, performances, processions and firework displays.
From October to March, the weather is still mild, but it rains quite often. The showers are however brief and the skies quickly turn blue again. As there are fewer tourists, you can make the most of the country’s hiking trails, coastal creeks and archaeological sites in peace and quiet.