Route 17

Highly recommended
This route that runs along the Hegeland coast by land and sea joins Steinkjer in the south to Bodø in the north. From Høylandet, the highway makes for a fascinating journey, during which you can take in extraordinary landscapes and an authentic coastal region. Over the 650km route, nature reigns supreme; as the elements unroll one after another (the sea, rocks and sky), they compose an infinite number of unforgettable scenes. The winding road, divided into sections connected by six ferries and numerous boldly designed bridges, hugs the contours of the land. For most of the journey, the eye lingers over vast, bald spaces enclosed by sharp peaks on the horizon. You can stop off in the colourful little villages. You might chance upon a moose, an eider duck or puffins. And you pass the polar circle, this imaginary yet mythical line, without even realising it.

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8056 Bodø