Lisbon: our arty journey through the city

Lisbon is one of the most surprising cities in Portugal. With a strong focus on design, artwork and the retro, the city offers a range of arty places that you can visit. Follow the guide.

Besides its almost permanent sunshine, miles of beaches and beautiful monuments, Lisbon is full of very arty corners; places with an artistic soul. Let's begin with the street art ... It’s all over the city, offering tourists a glimpse of the creative imagination of local artists. We particularly recommend the Alfama district which, as well as being an iconic part of the city, has the coolest murals and other contemporary graffiti. Huge or small, there is no escaping from it.


Throughout the city, the wall art grabs your attention but Lisbon’s buzz doesn’t end here. Many young designer boutiques - fashion or design - showcase the arty spirit of the place. Among them is a monument of retro: A Vida Portuguesa. Located in the Chiado district, this boutique offers 100% Portuguese items which, for the oldest, date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Ideal for beautiful and unusual local finds.


Bargain hunters, amateur or otherwise, will enjoy visiting  one of Lisbon’s most famous markets which takes place in Alfama. There is plenty to see, find, admire and love among some of the most typical and magnificent second-hand objects of the city and the country. The Feira da Ladra market is the perfect expression of the city’s soul: a mix and match between Lisbon’s traditionsand artistic character. The market takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


The tourist attractions mentioned

Alfama Alfama
Chiado Chiado