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Rota Vincentina, a hike to the end of Europe

The Rota Vincentina hike will introduce you to one of the best preserved coastal regions of southern Europe, over 110km/68miles through a vast region of southwest Portugal totalling over 75,000ha/185,000 acres.
Ponta de Sagres Ponta de Sagres
Ponta de Sagres
Ponta de Sagres

France: Cassoulet, a specialty originally from Languedoc

Cassoulet owes its name to the cassole in which it is served. Alain Chabrier makes his cassoulet with carrots, lamb and lashings of generosity.
Place du Capitole Place du Capitole
Place du Capitole

France: Avoriaz, 50 years on and still in the vanguard!

Inaugurated in 1966, this futuristic resort still remains a model of town planning and conviviality. Its aficionados, skiers, tourists seeking peace and quiet or nostalgic for the seventies, nurse an unfailing loyalty to it...

Megève, a ski resort rich in sensations

Since its beginnings, this chic resort in the French Alps has constantly reinvented itself. Offering a varied array of pleasures, Megève is a unique experience.

Élysée Palace

During the European Heritage Days, in September, you can explore the Élysée Palace, stronghold of the French president and one of the Heritage Days’ five most-visited sites.
Palais de l'Élysée Palais de l'Élysée
Palais de l'Élysée

Düsseldorf : The culinary scene welcomes new, young talent

It’s not just in Berlin that young chefs are taking the culinary scene by storm. Ort, too, boasts its share of low-key top-flight restaurants, highlighting a vigorous trend towards “cool, ambitious and innovative” cuisine that augurs well for the future.

A trip to Iceland: what to see in 4 days?

The volcanic island of Iceland is paradise for geologists, volcanologists, photographers and nature lovers. Its position, astride the Mid-Atlantic ridge and on a hotspot, the Iceland plume, led to the island’s formation. It is possible to see the drifting of the continents in real time and o...
Reykjavik Old Town
Reykjavik Old Town

The new starred restaurants of the MICHELIN Guide Germany 2017

The new selection for the MICHELIN guide Deutschland 2017 features 3 new two-star restaurants and 28 new one-star locations.

A gourmet stroll in Parma

The town of Verdi and Toscanini is to be savoured in small doses, like an operatic aria, or rather like a glass of nicely chilled Lambrusco served on the terrace of a trattoria... Parma, with all due respect to Milan which would gladly pinch its title, remains THE gastronomic capital of Italy.
Parma Baptistry Parma Baptistry
Parma Baptistry

Discover the new starred restaurants of the MICHELIN Italy Guide 2017

The MICHELIN Guide has chosen Parma, a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, for the launch of the new MICHELIN Guide to Italy 2017. Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar, cappelletti and anolini… Verdi's city is without a doubt one of the greatest gourmet destinations in the world...


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