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Culatello by the Spigaroli Brothers

Do you know what the Rolls Royce of Italian ham is? With scarcely 15,000 hams produced by approximately fifteen producers per year it has to be the Culatello di Zibello. The variety made by the Spigaroli brothers, whose ancestors were the suppliers of Giuseppe Verdi, is worth making an excursion in order to sample it.

Lino Balzarini’s Parmagiano Reggiano

In Cittanova near Modena, Lino Balzarini makes some of the most exceptional Parmesan cheese in Emilia-Romagna. As an intellectual with a passion for history Balzarini didn’t fall head over heels into a vat of milk when he was young. It was much later on that his love affair and subsequent li...

Leonardi, the alchemist of balsamic vinegar

Just like Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti, Giovanni Leonardi has now become one of the town of Modena’s most celebrated men. His artisanal balsamic vinegars of 4 to 150 years old are some of Italian Gastronomy’s finest jewels.

Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide : The Marksman Pub Of The Year 2017

The Marksman in Bethnal Green has been named Michelin Pub of the Year 2017 – the first time a London pub has been given the accolade. The Marksman was selected from more than 500 establishments featured in the Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide 2017.

Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide 2017

This year’s Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide recommends more than 500 pubs, of which 38 are new entries.

Savile Row, Mecca of British Masculine Elegance

Savile Row gets its name from Lady Dorothy Savile, the Countess of Burlington, who died in 1758. It’s a small street located in Mayfair, behind the Royal Academy of Arts, made famous worldwide for its men’s tailor shops.

More than 150 years of Fish and Chips!

The traditional fillet of fish fried in batter or rolled in breadcrumbs and served with chips probably started in London around 1860. This British fast-food favourite that is as emblematic of the UK as the double-decker bus and the red telephone box and now even has Michelin starred chefs falling for it!

The English pub: two thousand years of history

Referred to as tabernae under the Roman Empire, then as ale house in the Middle Ages, the pub is an integral part of English history. To get a feel for this British institution, head to London and these three typical places: The Cat and Mutton, The Morgan Arms and The Drapers Arms.
Tower of London Tower of London
Tower of London

Ötztal (Tyrol): one valley, 3 resorts, 3 different styles

Situated 60km by motorway from Innsbruck, Öztal is a deep, 50 km long valley which descends towards Italy. In spite of the construction of the Timmelsjoch road which opened the Ötztal valley to the sunny slopes of Italy, the road is closed in winter and the valley withdraws into itself. The ...
Ötztal Ötztal

A weekend in Florence

We have no end of good ideas for a weekend in Florence, from a cookery lesson at the Mercato Centrale to the Palazzo Vecchio by night…
Palazzo Vecchio Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio


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