Cueva de los Verdes

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At the foot of the Corona volcano, the island's subsoil is riddled with underground galleries. Upon contact with the air, the surface of the lava streams cools and hardens into a dense layer of basalt, underneath which molten magma continues to circulate. The Cueva de los Verdes galleries, said to be 5 000 years old, run for 7km to the coast. A beautifully illuminated 2km-network of these tunnels runs along various levels.

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35500 Arrecife


+34 928 84 84 84


9.50 €

Opening hours

10am-6pm (7pm in summer); last tour 1hr before closing

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Arty Lanzarote

The most volcanic of the seven Canary Islands possesses a rural, ecological and artistic identity between flowing fields of petrified lava. In December, the thermometer can rise to 28°C/82°F…

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