Parque Nacional del Teide

Highly recommended
This national park lies around the Las Cañadas corrie, a spectacular collapsed volcanic cone rising to a height of 2 000m and dominated by El Teide (3 718m) to the north. A crest of lava rocks laid bare by erosion and known as Los Roques stands in its centre. Not far from here is the rock formation of Los Azulejos, which is covered with copper oxides glinting blue-green in the sun. An extraordinary natural landscape that is best explored on foot, although you should tread carefully!

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+34 922 01 04 40

Opening hours

Cable car (9am-4pm) €13 one-way (in high season, book a seat [TEL] 922 01 04 45). Centros de Visitantes (9am-4pm) in El Portillo and Cañada Blanca. Before starting a hike, stop there to inquire about the unpredictable weather and about trail conditions

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