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Sweden is ideal for lovers of wide open spaces and fans of culture and history. Strangely overlooked by many tourists, this country built on water nonetheless boasts an exceptional holiday programme.
The capital, Stockholm, combines matchless heritage with an endearing way of life and medieval Uppsala or welcoming Göteborg are equally appealing. The countryside is a patchwork of forests and sparkling lakes dotted with picturesque red wooden houses, as at Dalarna. The brightly coloured islands are a hit with anglers, artists and holidaymakers.
Sweden is also depicted by vast expanses of virgin territory in the North and in Laponia, and a hike in thick forest, climb up blue-tinged mountains, a dive into a river or fishing in fast-flowing mountain streams should all whet your adventurous appetite.
A traditional sauna on the coast or deep in a valley will prove more sedate, unless you pluck up the courage to dive into freezing cold water after each session like the locals. Indeed, this warm and welcoming nation will take great delight in explaining how you should carry out this time-honoured ritual.

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Michelin's recommendations for Sweden

Cathedral Cathedral
Gamla Stan Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan
Dalarna Dalarna
Old town Old town
Old town
Swedish Lapland Swedish Lapland
Swedish Lapland
Vadstena Abbey Church Vadstena Abbey Church
Vadstena Abbey Church

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