Dubaï : 3 reports


Dubai, where camel racing rules

Al Lisaili, in the desert of Dubai, is a camel racing mecca. The village surrounding the Al Marmoum Camel Race Track is home to camel farms owned by impassioned businessmen. One of them, Rashid Al Mansouri, invited us to visit his champions’ stables.

Dubai, multi-ethnic metropolis of the Middle East

A star on the international scene, Dubai has left behind many remnants of its past. Still, its mercantile multiculturalism reveals the human diversity of an Emirate that is now one of the hubs of the Arab world. A world apart from the luxury hotels and insolent architecture of its triumphant economy.
Dubai Museum Dubai Museum
Dubai Museum

The Dubai Falcon Hospital: raptor rhapsody

Falconry is an integral part of Dubai’s traditional culture. Located near Burj Khalifa, the model Dubai Falcon Hospital treats raptors and nurses them back to peak form in time for hunting season.
Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa