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From the majestic glaciers of British Columbia and immense forests of Quebec to the sparkling lakes of Ontario, Canada is a fantastic playground for lovers of wide open spaces. Nature is a prominent feature, from the jagged coastline of the Atlantic provinces to the frozen expanses of Nunavut.
Yet, the towns and cities of this gigantic unspoiled country have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of cosmopolitan culture and these models of urban planning are extremely pleasant to visit. Let yourself be tempted by a stroll on Montreal's Mont-Royal, a museum at Winnipeg, a hockey match in Toronto or an exotic restaurant in Vancouver to taste the civilised lifestyle of this nation.
Wherever you go, you will be won over by its inhabitants' warm, cordial welcome, be it in a tepee, a maple farm, an igloo or a café terrace. If one word were to sum up a Canadian vacation it would have to be "Diversity"!

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Michelin's recommendations for Canada

Charlevoix Coast Charlevoix Coast
Charlevoix Coast
Old Quebec City Old Quebec City
Old Quebec City
South Coast of Gaspésie South Coast of Gaspésie
South Coast of Gaspésie
Cape Breton Island Cape Breton Island
Cape Breton Island
Nahanni National Park Reserve Nahanni National Park Reserve
Nahanni National Park Reserve
Toronto Zoo Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo

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