Head-Smashed-ln Buffalo Jump

For over 5,000 years, buffalo were driven to their deaths over this cliff. The buffalo provided most of the necessities of life for the Plains Indians-meat, hides for clothing and shelter, and bone for scrapers and needles. Built into the cliff, a dramatic visitor centre contains excellent displays on five floors as well as films on buffalo-hunting cultures. Western and traditional native food such as Blackfoot fry bread, or iimistsikitaan, is served in the cafeteria. Outside, paths lead to the top of the cliff, where visitors are afforded a spectacular viewaa of the largely treeless surroundings; at the bottom, visitors can follow another trail to the area where the buffalo were skinned.

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Spring Point Road, T0L 0Z0 Fort-Macleod


10 $

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Jul-Aug: 9am-6pm; rest of year: 10am-5pm - closed 1 Jan, Easter Sun, 24-25 Dec

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