Butchart Gardens

Highly recommended
Expanded to approximately 20ha/50 acres, the gardens were started by Jennie Butchart to beautify the limestone quarry pit resulting from her husband's cement business. Don't miss the floral highlight: the beautiful sunken garden with its green lawns, trees and exquisite flower beds that create a whirl of colour. Also look out for the rose garden, Japanese garden, Italian garden and, of course, Ross fountain and its constantly changing play of water.

Useful information


800 Benvenuto Avenue, V8X 3X4 Brentwood-Bay


+1 250-652-4422

Opening hours

1st fortnight Jun: 9am-6pm; mid Jun-early Sep: 9am-10pm; 1st fortnight Sep and Dec 9am-9pm; 2nd fortnight Sep 9am-5pm; Oct: 9am-4pm; Dec-early Jan: 9am-9pm; Nov and Jan-Feb: 9am-3.30pm