Fundy National Park

Extending 13km/8mi along the Bay of Fundy's steep cliffs, Fundy National Park is riddled by countless rivers and streams in deep valleys. The vast tidal flats are home to a wealth of marine life. Inside the eastern park entrance there is a fine view of the tranquil Upper Salmon River, the hills to the north, the small fishing village of Alma, Owl's Head and the bay. About 10km/6mi from the entrance, a trail commands fine views of the rugged Point Wolfe River site.

Useful information


E4H 1B4 Alma


7.80 $ (-17 years old free of charge)

Opening hours

Jul-Aug: 8am-9.45pm; mid May-mid Jun and early Sep-mid Oct: 9am-4.45pm; rest of year: 8.15am-noon, 3.45pm-4.30pm, weekends 9am-5pm

Nearby tourist attractions

Point Wolfe
Point Wolfe