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From Westerns to horror movies, the United States has never ceased exporting dreams and fantasies to the rest of the world. This immense country is however a genuine vacation destination of incredible diversity!
Indeed what do the suffocating desert of Death Valley and the snowcapped peaks of Alaska or the Latinos neighborhoods of Los Angeles and the smart, cultured districts of Boston have in common? What do a hamburger in Houston and a jambalaya in New Orleans share? What parallel is there between a glitzy Las Vegas show and New York's MoMa?
Indeed, where do you even begin your journey? In New-York, megalopolis with 150 museums, Chicago, city of blues and capital of modern architecture, San Francisco and its superb bay guarded by the Golden Gate Bridge, Miami and its sun-kissed sandy beaches...
To finish your road trip on a high note, don't miss the stunning national parks from Yellowstone to the Everglades without forgetting the Grand Canyon, all of which are depicted by unspoiled, larger-than-life, breathtaking natural landscapes. So let's hit the road!

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Central Park Central Park
Central Park
New York
Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
New York
Death Valley National Park Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley
Capitol Capitol
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
New York
Empire State Building Empire State Building
Empire State Building
New York

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