Hiller Aviation Museum

Exhibits proceed chronologically through the history of manned flight, with special emphasis on the greater Bay Area. One of the earliest aircraft displayed is the 1883 Gull, a fully controllable glider invented by John J. Montgomery, a Santa Clara University engineering professor. Montgomery later was killed testing his third glider prototype in 1911-the same year the Curtiss Pusher landed and took off from the first "aircraft carrier," the USS Pennsylvania, in San Francisco Bay. Further exhibits progress from early fixed-wing aircraft to blended and oblique wing designs, and include such innovations as the Flying Platform and the high-altitude Boeing Condor. Many of the aircraft on display have been refashioned piece-by-piece by resident craftsmen, whose current projects may be viewed through the windows of the Restoration Workshop.

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601 Skyway, 94070 San Carlos


free of charge

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