San Bernardino County Museum

Housed in a large, buff-colored building set amid fields of orange trees, this museum celebrates local anthropology, agriculture and mining heritage with. The Hall of Anthropology offers an introduction to the prehistoric Indians of Southern California; of particular note are items excavated from Pleistocene Lake Manix in the Mojave Desert, today the setting for archaeological explorations at the Calico Early Man Site. In the Hall of History, a Conestoga wagon (called a prairie schooner) and other relics of the Great Westward Migration illustrate the arrival of white settlers to the area. The upper floor is devoted to ornithological collections, highlighted by the Wilson Hanna Collection of 30,000 bird eggs gathered from all over the world. The museum mounts long-term exhibitions in the adjacent Discovery Hall, which also contains hands-on science displays designed for children. Directly behind the museum is the striking, Italianate Edwards Mansion (not open to the public), erected in 1890 and worth a look for its ornate, beautifully restored exterior.

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2024 Orange Tree Ln., 92374 Redlands

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