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Proud of its European heritage, Louisiana is one of those astounding blends of Old and New Worlds in which so America excels! The state is awash with picture postcard snapshots from the flower-decked balconies of the French Quarter in New Orleans and the alligators crawling around in the bayous to the old plantations lined in majestic oak trees and the steam paddle boats cruising langorously down the Mississippi. An authentic melting pot of cultural and linguistic influences, Louisiana never disappoints!
Hire yourself a local guide and make a foray into Cajun Country to explore the almost haunting bayous landscape. Pay a visit to Vermilionville, a reconstituted Acadian village for a better insight into this endearing culture. br/>Save time to explore Plantation Alley dotted with extravagant plantation mansions, before going dancing in New Orleans to the raunchy beat of the jazz bands blasting out on every street corner.

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French Quarter French Quarter
French Quarter
La Nouvelle-Orléans
Garden District Garden District
Garden District
New Orleans
Acadiana - Cajun land Acadiana - Cajun land
Acadiana - Cajun land
Lake Fausse Pointe State Park Lake Fausse Pointe State Park
Lake Fausse Pointe State Park
Saint Martinville
Cabildo Cabildo
New Orleans
Houmas House Houmas House
Houmas House