Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum

Boasting 23,000sq ft of state-of-the-art display space, this impressive museum does a fine job interpreting the cultural and natural history of the gorge. Just past the entrance on the main floor, pictographs (paintings on rock), petroglyphs (carvings on rock), and root-and-berry gathering baskets vie for attention with a 37ft fish wheel replica, native dip nets, and exhibits on fur trappers. A 12min slide presentation describes the volcanic activity, ice dams, and floods that created the gorge. Community memorabilia on the third floor includes a small area devoted to the Japanese laborer-an acknowledgment of the common man who built the railways, roads and tunnels.

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990 S.W. Rock Creek Dr., 98648 Stevenson


+1 509-427-8211


free of charge

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