Portrayed since the 18th century as the ‘New Cythera’, Polynesia has lost none of its mystical allure. The archipelago offers a good deal more than relaxation and fine sandy beaches: traditional culture is of prime importance here.



Polynesia, Windward Islands, Tahiti, Bora-Bora… The stuff of dreams, and rightly so. Of splendid hues that hesitate between green and blue, Polynesia’s lagoons are a perfect seascape vision populated with rays and countless other fish of every colour: a diver’s paradise. The rugged terrains of the volcanic islands seem to be designed to delight ramblers. The plentiful flora, including many species brought over by humans and birds, reinforces the impression of lushness. And certain islands, such as Tikehau, are home to bird colonies that will enchant amateur conservationists.
Far more than rest and relaxation on beaches of black, white or pink sand, Polynesia’s true identity is revealed through its culture, especially dance, song, and a remarkably refined tradition of tattoo art.